Come Apart Poultry Shears - Spring Loaded

✔ Easy Come-Apart For Cleaning, Spring Loaded: With the 3-mode design, the blades can be easily taken apart for throughout cleaning in the separate mode, easy operation in user mode, and safe in lock mode. The spring-loaded handle prevents hand strain.

✔ Multipurpose: Your kitchen tasks will become so much easier, such as slicing through raw meat or tough tendons, butterflying a whole chicken or turkey, de-scaling a fish, trimming fat, chopping up herbs or vegetables; but you can also use your shears for household, or take them out in the garden to cut a thick flower stem, or even bring them along on a hunting or outdoor trip.

✔ German Cnc Technology, Strong Design: These scissors feature anti-slip, micro-serrated blades to allow for a firmly secure grip and precise snipping every time, an ideal kitchen tool for the professional chef or home cooking enthusiast. The shears are made from food-grade stainless steel. Strong design, ultra-sharp blades with the notch make it feel comfortable, light, and effortless while easily outperforming all other kitchen scissors even when you are left-handed.

✔ Heavy-Duty Construction: With 9.35 Inch long, 3mm blade thickness, engineered for perfection and built to last a lifetime, our high-quality stainless steel shears are strong, durable, rust-resistant!