Come Apart Food Scissors - Kitchen Scissors Shears for Meat, Vegetable - Black

  • You Don't Need To Be A Master Chef: These shears definitely made it easier, safer, faster and more accurate when preparing food. They can perform a multitude of tasks including cutting meat and other foods, vegetables, and herbs
  • Stainless Steel Blades: The sharp blades are made of food-grade stainless steel that resists rusting. One side micro-serrated edge keeps a hold on slippery meats and seafood. Thick, solid and well-built, they are powerful and dependable
  • Less Effort: From the start and end cutting positions, the cutting angle of the blades keeps constant at 30 degrees, resulting in the user’s force necessary to cut is reduced to 1/3 of that for conventional products.
  • Easy to wash: They can come apart into 2 pieces so that you can clean and sharpen them with ease. Because they come apart, there will never be crevices caked in oil, or bits of fish stuck in the joints. Keep your food sanitary, especially for your baby
  • A simple way to save your time and make your job done easier with a complete satisfaction guarantee.


A good pair of kitchen shears are an essential tool in any chef’s kitchen. 

What will you get from Gerior kitchen scissors? 

- Less effort cutting experience 
- Most sanitary food cutting shears 
- Save your time with easy to clean feature 
- Sturdy, comfortable handle 

Specific Description: 

Length: 208mm 
Blade thickness: 2.5mm 
Blade length: 80mm